If you have big goals, you've come to the right place.

At Advanced Academics, we work with the most ambitious students.

8 & 9

We start working with our most ambitious and enthusiastic students in 8th and 9th grade, teaching them exactly how to succeed in secondary school – everything from time management and goal setting to study skills and academic writing. We can help you find tutors for any subject, as well as homework help, essay coaching, and project assistance to ensure the students grades are exactly where they need to be.

10 & 11

Throughout secondary school, we work with students and parents to ensure a students’ portfolio is complete and exceptional for when they start to apply for post-secondary schools. Whether the school they’re looking to attend is in Canada, America or abroad, we can help with everything you need. This includes helping students keep their grades high above admissions averages, helping them find relevant work and volunteer experiences to set them apart, and completing all the supplemental forms and requirements like reference letters, campus tours and admissions exam preparations. We work one-on-one and with these determined students and their parents, and help them excel in all aspects of their academics – getting into your dream program doesn’t have to be hard. 


In grade 12, when students are starting to apply for post-secondary programs, we’re here every step of the way. This is considered the most stressful time in a students’ academic career – they must decide what they want to study for the next 4 years, university applications are due, scholarship applications are due, they need to start thinking about where they’re going to be living next year, how to budget, how to get scholarships and how to apply for student loans, among other things. We work with these students, and their parents, one-on-one to ensure they have everything they need, they know what to expect, and there is no mystery or room for mistakes when starting the most important academic adventure of their lives.

Mature Students

For mature students (those applying who have graduated form secondary school more than 1 year ago), the process of applying to post-secondary institutions, and excelling in university classes, often becomes more complicated. You may have lost your high school transcripts, you don’t remember what classes you took or what prerequisites you need, you don’t have teachers and guidance councillors to answer your questions, and it may have been a long time since you’ve done any homework or written an essay. Changing your career path and going back to school can be a great decision to make to improve your life, and we can help you simplify the process, and teach you how to succeed. 

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