At Advanced Academics, we strive to be the complete, simple, and accessible solution to getting ahead in secondary school, and ultimately helping students achieve their goals of post-secondary education. What sets us apart from other academic coaching companies is that we highly encourage parents to be involved every step of the way – after all, getting a student through secondary school and university is a priority for the family, not just for the student. Parents not being on the same page as their children in terms of goals and academic expectations can make for frustrating arguments and disagreements – which is why parents are invited to be as involved as they wish, from attending workshops to joining us for one-on-one sessions.


Our straight-forward program means everything is completely taken care of. We have step-by-step guides, checklists, workshops and one-on-one sessions designed to ensure your admission to your ideal program and university. 

From Grade 8 to 12 and beyond, we can help you with everything you need to navigate the academic world. 


We make navigating the academic world simple – it takes the guesswork out for students and parents, and ensures everything is taken care of in a straightforward way, through individual sessions or group workshops. We make scheduling and registering simple – you can do it all online or call any time to speak with someone who can answer all your questions and get you registered for the workshops and courses you need.


At Advanced Academics, we strive to be accessible to everyone. All students deserve the opportunity to make their academic dreams come true, so if there is any reason a student cannot take part, we will find a way to make it work.

Whether that is a translator, streaming workshops to your computer or coming up with creative financials, we’re committed to helping you. 

Everything you need to succeed in secondary school, including: 

  • Effective goal setting and how to manage your time to serve your goals (and ultimately accomplish anything you set your mind to)
  • Organizational skills including Physical Organization, Planning and Team Organization
  • How to Maximize Study Time and Comprehension in the Classroom to ensure knowledge is retained
  • Strategies for reading textbooks and understanding what you read
  • An intro to Academic Writing including the basics of effective essay writing and an introduction to research papers
  • University admissions overview including how to look up the requirements for a potential program of interest and tips that can be done throughout secondary school to make your application extra competitive.

Includes everything you need to succeed in secondary school (Grade 8 & 9), plus: 

  • Goal setting, time management and study skills are developed
  • Increased emphasis on academic writing and research skills
  • More in depth look at post-secondary institutions and programs of interest to determine potential academic career paths
  • Profile development including exploring extra-curricular activities and other application-boosting endeavours such a volunteering.

Coaches working with Grade 12 students focus on: 

  • Preparing to apply to university programs, including detailed program admissions and school overview, to make informed choices when choosing a school and degree program
  • Assistance with all supplemental forms needed to apply to post-secondary
  • Ensuring your resume, portfolio, and references are exceptional
  • Making sure all graduation and post-secondary application requirements are met.
  • Help with scholarships, student loan applications and budgeting to help finance your degree.
  • Assessment of post-secondary offers to choose the right program and school that best meets your needs
  • How to enrol in courses and navigate university in your first year, and the guidance to get you through it successfully.

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